The New National Taichung Theater

Central Taiwan's first Opera House, The National Taichung Theater in Taichung due to open in November 2014, has now been built and almost completed. In celebration 4 light installations were displayed from November 1st. Culture minister Lung Ying-tai labled it "the pride of Taichung". Here is a preview of the light installations:
Light display 5 Edit
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Lighting display designed and installed by Subkarma for the opening of the National Taichung Theater in central Taiwan. Officially launched on Light Night, 1st November.
Designed by Pritzler Architexture Prize winning Japanese Architect Toyo Ito the modern National Taichung Theater holds 2,024 saet grand theater, an 800 seat theater and a 200 seat black box. The 58 curved wall units supporting the architectually complex and unique structure is the first to be built without supporting beams or columns.
Light display 60
Light display 130
Light display 173